Through METKRAFT’s connection with Thermal Spray Technologies, we can provide cutting-edge industry-leading pump plungers and radial bearings for the oil and gas business.

Our parts are manufactured completely in-house within dedicated fully automated cells that allow us to control the entire process to ensure each part meets the industry’s exacting performance demands.

Our group utilizes its own metal powder composition and FUSION bond® technology hailed in the industry for its efficiency.

  • Advantages of FUSIONbond® Technology
  • More economical than most competing technologies
  • Excellent wear and corrosion resistance
  • Automated and highly controlled process, no manual operations
  • Crack free coatings available
  • Thin and thick coatings available
  • No use of complicated fixtures
  • Strong metallurgical bond
  • Variety of coating compositions that can be engineered for specific environments
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